Our great passion is to find the diverse Engineering & IT talents
on your demand. We are committed to making your hiring
process easy and helping you recruit the best talent!


Depending on the specific requirements for individual search and selection we use a ton of sourcing tools. Create a highly conversional JD, job boards publications, socia recruitment etc.

Work close as a strategic partner in HR development and human capital in the fields of recruitment and onboarding activities from scratch. ATS integration, produce individual employer branding values, corporate culture and HR brand.
The method of direct search and sourcing only high qualified senior professionals. This type of hiring is used when it's necessary to find professionals with a deep knowledge and solid experience.
Our track record
Consulting Projects Completed
Engineers Staffed for Full Time Employment
For over 30 happy customers from Ukraine and worldwide :)
A-Z full-cycle

We have a huge DB of qualified candidates with years of experience. We know a lot of them personally and we understand that time is an essence. We focus solely on identifying and screening top industry talent for you, so you can focus on delivering quality products.

Analytical Research
Negotiation Interviewing
Successful Placement
How are we different

We are a boutique shop and pay very close attention to each one of our customer. We spend time to understand your exact needs and staff the best resources for you!

Technology Analysis
Our consultant will research the specific software technology or programming language. Recruitment consultant stays close to the hiring managers and has the direct supervisors of the opening, develop a clear and conversional Job Description and create a non-negotiable requirements list the position demands. Create an ideal candidate profile in context of deep mutual cooperation with hiring manager.
Interviewing Negotiation
Once candidates have been identified, they will go through interviews. The initial interview conducts our recruitment consultant and allows to verify the conformity with opening requirements, motivation, other needed soft skills. After the talent pipeline is narrowed, we refers best finalists to the hiring manager for company's on-site or Skype interviews. Coordinating applicants through attending technical interviews, test tasks etc
Strategic Sourcing
When the research step is completed, our recruiter begins the search stage immediately. Out recruitment process include placing vacancy info to job boards, use own database, cold calling targeted candidates and networking within the industry and referrals. We are familiar with all known sourcing tools that's why you will get the most relevant talent funnel ever. No one won't be missed up :)
Position Placement
After the company has chosen the best candidates, our job is to ensure that the offer made to the applicant is acceptable as well as desirable. This process involves communicating with both the hiring manager and the applicant to be certain that both agree to the terms of salary, benefits, job duties and starting dates of employment. Also we are providing relocation/accomodation if it is required.
Our Values
Engaging with Career Art means you will not waste another hour interviewing the wrong candidate.
Proven Quality
7+ years of successfull
both consulting and in-house HR experience.
Cooperation on principle
NO Success - NO Fee!
We are able to start ASAP :)
250+ technical positions
staffed. Replacement guarantee, onboarding support.
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